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The Old 1840 Lighthouse at Presque Isle

Eastward view across Lake Huron

The Old 1840 Lighthouse was built on the Eastern point of the Presque Isle peninsula at what is now the entrance to Presque Isle Harbor. The trees in the area adjacent to the lighthouse quickly grew up and obscurred the light from the view of passing mariners, so a much taller lighthouse (now called the "New Lighthouse") was erected in 1870.

Today, the 1840 Light is the centerpiece of the 1840 Lighthouse Park, open to the public, June through September, and exhibits many of the original artifacts as well as a tower view, a gift shop and picnic grounds. The Township Parks and Recreation Committee produces a Summer series of presentations by historians, biologists, musicians and folk lore experts on subjects that are relevant to the area. These presentations are usually given in June, July and August at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays in the Old Lighthouse Park.

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