In Beautiful Presque Isle, Michigan

Phone:(989) 595-2970
Fax:(989) 595-2070
E-mail: lmtaylor@lake-shore-realty.com
7750 East Grand Lake Road, Presque Isle, MI 49777

Residential Homes Map

6054 E. Grand Lake Rd.
in Presque Isle

Foster home
6586 Laurelhill Circle
in Presque Isle

Hall home
18151 Cedar Terrace Drive
in Presque Isle Harbor Association

Bar home
7552 Northland Heights Drive
in Presque Isle, MI

Richard Home

6002 E. Grand Lake Rd.
in Presque Isle

Funke home
8770 Lake Nettie Rd.
in Hawks

Jakubowski home
6692 Pawnee Trail
in Rogers City

 Dix Home
14343 M-68
in Millersburg

Parenteau home
18141 Cedar Terrace Drive
in Presque Isle

Twite Home
378 W. Woodward Ave.
in Rogers City

9843 Lake Street
in Presque Isle, MI

VanShoten Home
1074 Fulton Ave.
in Alpena

Witkowski home
7240 Belfair Drive
in Presque Isle Habor Association

Deutsch home
17052 E. County Rd. 638
in Presque Isle

Martin home
11382 Bell Bay Rd.
in Presque Isle

Nefske home
10910 Polaski Rd.
in Posen, MI

Polaski Home

5506 Kauffman Rd.
in Presque Isle

16625 Balsam Drive
in Presque Isle

16118 W. Renwick Circle
in Presque Isle

Walkerdine Home
717 W. Oldfield St.
in Alpena

Alpena Community Credit Union Home
6128 Timberway Court
in Presque Isle

Fitch Home
754 S. Second Ave.
in Rogers City

Rose Acceptance Home
18578 Covey Court
in Presque Isle

Sievers Home
16172 Pineview Court
in Presque Isle, MI

Warner Home

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