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7750 East Grand Lake Road, Presque Isle, MI 49777

Yearly association dues are only $253.00, and water fees are $33.00 per quarter for a lot with out the water hooked up, $62.50 with the water hooked up.

Amenities Include:

PIHA Clubhouse

This building, centrally located and open to all members and guests, contains and Olympic sized, heated indoor swimming pool and spa, fitness room with telivision, large gymnasium with basketball court and equipment, tennis courts, TV lounge with fireplace, wireless internet, several areas for parties or meetings, commercial kitchen, Outdoor deck with Barbeques, vending machines, and more. Several events and activities take place at the clubhouse daily.

PIHA Grand Lake Beach House

This private pavilion with sandy beach, grassy play area, sand volley ball court, and boat launch is also open to all members and guests. Grand Lake is a large 5000+ square acre inland lake with several islands, perfect for water sports, swimming, fishing, boating, and gathering with friends. Other features of the beach house include bathrooms with changing areas and lockers, free use of paddle boats, aquacycles, canoes, and kayacks, barbeques, play equipment, shaded deck with picnic tables, Swimming area with diving, platform, waterslide, and more.

PIHA North Bay Beach House

This lovely building on Presque Isle's North Bay is perfect for graduation parties, showers, family get togethers, and other events and is available for only $50 per day along with $50 deposit. The Private beach on North bay is available to all members for free.

Other PIHA Waterfront Parks

Range Light Park, on Lake Huron's Presque Isle Harbor, is a large sandy beach perfect for lounging, swimming, watching boats come and go, and viewing 1840 Old Presque Isle Lighthouse. Lake Esau Park, on the smaller but deeper Lake Esau, is tucked into a wooded cedar forest providing amazing views and seclusion.

PIHA Campgrounds

This Private wooded campground is available to members on a daily or yearly basis. Daily fees with electric and septic are $18 per day and yearly fees are $1,150.

PIHA Crystal Point

This large tract of land along Lake Huron's Crystal Point, near Presque Isle Harbor is also available for all member's and their guests. The grounds include fire pits, boat launch, hiking trails, and prime viewing of the 4th of July fireworks.

PIHA Common Grounds

Acres of Beautifully wooded common grounds are also available with trails for hiking, skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing.

Lots sorted by Price

Lot Ammenities Include:

Indoor Heated Pool

Presque Isle Clubhouse

Fitness Facilities

Private Beaches

Private Beach Facilities

298221 Northland Heights #2 365 Whitesand Drive Kyle Taylor $700.00
302237 Esau Terrace 70 E. Grand Lake Rd. Kyle Taylor $800.00  
311023 Grand Pines#1 112 County Rd. 638 Kyle Taylor $850.00  
313844 Presque Isle Heights 99 Bonita Drive Karen Fournier $850.00  
312556 Presque Isle Heights 54 Wilderness Circle Kyle Taylor $850.00
312555 Harbor Manor 64 Clearwater Drive Kyle Taylor $875.00
307117 Northland Heights #2 453 Balsam Drive Kyle Taylor $900.00  
320052 Esau Terrace 157 Cedarcrest Court Tim Lutes $975.00
319604 North Bay Shores 92 Timberway Drive Tim Lutes $975.00
317734 Harbor View 310 Kauffman Rd. Katie Taylor $999.00
321137 North Bay Shores 336 Bayshore Drive Kyle Taylor $1,000.00
320319 North Bay Heights 197 Renwick Circle Kyle Taylor $1,000.00
320307 North Bay Heights 325 Bay Heights Drive Kyle Taylor $1,000.00
320302 North Bay Shores 158 Timberway Drive Kyle Taylor $1,000.00
320299 Northland Heights #2 329 Northland Heights Drive Kyle Taylor $1,000.00
311699 Northland Heights #2 415 Woodhaven Drive Karen Fournier $1,000.00
306840 Harbor View 66 Woodlark Court Kyle Taylor $1,000.00  
312349 North Bay Heights 7 County Rd. 638 Katie Taylor $1,000.00  
316538 Northland Heights 100 Belfair Drive Kyle Taylor $1,000.00  
319920 Presque Isle Heights 324 Fallen Timbers Drive Tim Lutes $1,150.00  
320308 Grand Pines #2 158 Lakewood Drive Kyle Taylor $1,200.00
320147 Presque Isle Heights 153 Wilderness Drive Katie Taylor $1,200.00
320312 Esau Terrace 194 E. Grand Lake Rd. Kyle Taylor $1,200.00
320318 Presque Isle Heights 338 Fallen Timbers Kyle Taylor $1,500.00
322094 Grand Highland View 60 Pine St. Kyle Taylor $1,500.00
309981 Harbor Manor 156 Doyle Drive Kyle Taylor $1,900.00 Certificate of Survey
316761 North Bay Heights 174 Renwick Circle Katie Taylor $1,900.00
317732 Harbor Manor 193 Kauffman Blvd. Katie Taylor $1,800.00
309511 Esau Terrace 71 & 72 E. Grand Lake Rd. Kyle Taylor $1,800.00 Double Lots
319353 Grand Pines #2 395 & 396 Balsam Drive Kyle Taylor $2,000.00 Double Lots
310518 Northland Heights #2 408 & 409 Woodhaven Drive Kyle Taylor $2,285.00 Double Lots
313842 North Bay Heights 256 & 257 Pineview Drive Karen Fournier $2,400.00 Double Lots
311152 Harbor View 48 & 49 Sylvan Court Karen Fournier $2,500.00 Double Lots
320572 Grand Pines #2 261 & 262 Pineview Drive Karen Fournier $2,500.00 Double Lots
312258 Esau Terrace 106 & 107 Cedar Terrace Katie Taylor $2,800.00 Double Lots
318439 Northland Heights 342,343 Northland Heights Drive Katie Taylor $3,000.00 Double Lots
321128 Presque Isle Heights 61,62,63,64 Wilderness Cirlce Kyle Taylor $5,000.00 Quadruple Lots
310837 Esau Terrace 57 Glenbush Drive Kyle Taylor $5,500.00 Large Lot
317901 North Bay Heights 360 & 361 Bay Heights Drive Tim Lutes $5,900.00 Double Lots

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